Improve Your
Relationship and
Sexual Health
'Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life Without the Side Effects of Viagra'
Improve Your
Relationship and
Sexual Health
'Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life Without the Side Effects of Viagra'
Improve Your
Relationship and
Sexual Health
'Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life Without the Side Effects of Viagra'
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Are You Experiencing Issues With:

Getting an erection?

Maintaining an erection?

Lack of sexual desire?

Not performing as well as you’d like?

Peyronie’s Disease?

We can help you reclaim your sex life!

Erectile Dysfunction Doctor

Non-Invasive Procedure With Incredible Results And Little To No Side Effects

No Needles

No Needles!

Non-Surgical Treatment

No Surgery

Medication Free

No More Medications!

Safe, Non-Invasive Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

We offer a break through technology called acoustic wave therapy that uses pressure sound waves to restore the blood flow to your penis.
The very first step in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) is setting up a free consultation with our medical doctor. We offer the latest acoustic wave therapy protocol to restore your sexual function. We are the Only clinic in Utah that offers patients the recommended twice a week treatments until you see a result.

You Don’t Have to Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction!

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain or develop an erection that is suitable for sexual activity. If you’ve got ED, it can impact your self-confidence and cause you to avoid sexual activity. Your specific cause of ED is unique, but we’ve seen and treated it all. No matter the cause of your ED, it ultimately leads to a lack of blood flow. Our protocol goes straight to correcting that flow. 

We Help Treat the Following Men’s Health Issues

Many prescribed drugs or supplements can have negative side affects and wear off. We offer a permanent fix so you can wake up feeling like man again.

Improve your sexual performance and provide pleasure to your partner. We can help you have better, quality erections for a greater overall experience.

Enjoy pain-free intercourse once again. If you suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, we can help restore your erections without the pain.

Service is great. Pele is very professional. I have never wait on them, they are always on time, and always informative. I still have some ED issues. I am hoping it will improve as I have seen some changes. This company has gone above and beyond what I expected! Thank you.

Great Service! I never had to wait. Very professional. I did some treatment with competitors with no results. I came here and finally got some good results! There is only one technician, they are more consistent, and they have a good price for the same treatment offered by other places!

Efficient! Don’t have to wait, always gets me in right away! Courteous, nice, and a good price.

Very flexible on their schedule to accommodate my schedule. Very quick response time getting back to me. Price is fair and affordable. Staff is personable to address situations. Still in mid-treatment. So far so good!

They responded right away. Their price is very fair and reasonable.

“WOW what great results!!!!! It is really amazing!!! And a great price!!!!”

-Blane R.
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Acoustic wave therapy is a pressure sound wave non-invasive procedure with incredible results It works by breaking up plaque that causes Neovascularization or new blood vessel growth. Learn more about Acoustic Wave Therapy.

Why Pulse Medical Clinic VS other clinics

Other clinics are too busy to offer the recommended weekly number of treatments to patients

 Latest device is used on ALL patients.

 80% success rate!

 We specialize in acoustic wave therapy as thee primary treatment offered at our clinic

How long is the procedure?

Procedures are done by certified technicians and take about 20 minutes each visit.

How much is a consultation?

We offer a free consultation with the Doctor who will review your medical history, medical history, and design a personalized treatment plan for you.


850 East 9400 South, Suite 202, Salt Lake City, UT, 84109